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The UK Gambling Commission recently unveiled its business plan for the 2018-2019 season. This marks the first plan of three proposed plans that will be published regarding the commission's current three-year strategy for online casinos and sports betting among other services.

The business plan has comprehensive details regarding the sustainability of growth in the gambling industry. It also makes notes of ways to protect consumer interests and prevent harm caused by gambling and gambling addiction. The plan has proposed ways to return lottery revenues to good causes such as community development. Finally, the commission has vowed to improve the UK's standards for the gambling industry and overall gambling regulation.

Part of the plan is an outline of ways to incite the gambling industry to create control measures and special protections for the use of their gambling services. In addition, the commission is committed to focusing on progress in consumer intervention and helping to deal with problem gambling and gambling addiction.

The regulatory body gave details regarding the expected generated income over the next fiscal year. The figures have been broken down according to the different gambling activity types. About 31% of fees are expected to come from sports betting, which has the largest share of the UK's casino market. Brick-and-mortar casinos come in second place, expected to bring in 27% of fees and revenue. Software products are a 17% piece of the overall totals. After that, the next three tax revenue percentages come from arcades, betting machines, and society lotteries. At the bottom of the projections list, tax revenue from bingo games is projected to represent about 4% of total overall revenue and fee income.

Consumer interests will be protected with stricter advertising rules for casinos. There will also be new rules introduced that deal with unfair practices and terms, which will also assess the levels of customer protection already in place at different casinos. In addition, more requirements will be unveiled for providers of dispute resolution. There will be inquiries made into the public attitudes regarding gambling advertisements. In particular, research on the effects of gambling on young people and vulnerable society members will be conducted.

In order to reduce gambling-related harm throughout society, more transparency will be established regarding the use of gambling tax revenue and regulatory settlements to do research into safer gambling techniques. The commission will analyze the data use of gambling operators to reduce both criminal activity and harm related to gambling. More customer protection guidelines will be put in place with online gambling, including increased customer interaction, fairness, and verification processes.

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