UK Online Casinos Required to Clean Up Bonus Practices

In an effort to draw in more players, the most popular online casinos create tempting welcome bonuses and promotions that are geared toward adding value to becoming a member. However, many players have stressed that the practices regarding bonus opportunities are unfair or just downright misleading. The problems surrounding the structuring of these offers may soon be undergoing a change for the better.

Recently, the Competition and Markets Authority and UK Gambling Commission worked together to release a statement that cracks down on the regional online gambling providers. The specific action focuses on the access that players have to their own money, as well as terms and conditions that are related to bonuses or promotional events.

A call to action letter was sent out to every online gambling provider that currently operates in the UK. The online casinos PT Entertainment, Ladbrokes, and William Hill have all agreed to update bonus practices. However, the providers will not have much time for adjusting. A deadline of February 28th, 2018 has been set for compliance regarding three main factors. The casinos will be required to cease obligatory publicity by players, allow for withdrawals without multiple playthroughs of the amount, and make betting restrictions clearer.

The Gambling Commission has further made it clear that noncompliance will result in enforcement action, which may include the loss of licensing.

Since October of 2016, the CMA and UK Gambling Commission have been making a concerted effort to address the common issues that customers face when joining online casinos.

The major advantage of the crackdown and call to action is that players will ultimately benefit. By implementing new guidelines, the online casinos willingly participating in the change will now include welcome bonuses that do not have complicated fine print attached. Players should also have a much easier time withdrawing funds when desired. In addition, winning players will not be compelled to engage in publicity and can request winnings even before a promotional offering has been fulfilled.

Players are encouraged, as always, to fully understand the rules of promotions before joining an online casino. Certain sites that promise hundreds in free bonus credits may be less than willing to pay out the bonus until very specific terms have been met. In contrast, casinos that have a seemingly less valuable bonus on the surface can sometimes be a much more convenient choice.

The CMA has released a supplementary list of guidelines that any reputable online casino in the UK should observe.

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