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The online casino industry has been seeing a growth explosion especially within the past year. With technology evolving so fast these days, gambling has become one of the most lucrative industries on the planet. Thanks to this fact alone, less people are walking into casinos and more are doing things like playing tournaments on their smartphones or tablets. Virtual reality has also become a major factor in gambling. In fact, they are now beating the simple PC games of the turn of the century.

Online Casino Industry and Data-Driven Offers

2017 saw an explosion of online gambling site revenue and the industry made over $40 billion. The Internet of Things (IoT) new technologies, especially the ones with “smart” in their names, are making it possible. The IoT mobile devices especially is what is making it possible for casinos to be in direct communication with consumers. They currently remain the most popular for online gambling.

Since all mobile devices are connected to a common source, they also make it possible for the devices to monitor which games the user tends to gear toward the most. Smartphones can also read physical and emotional reactions to games by their cameras and sensors. The casino then stores it in their data analytics. In this way, they can use that information for their advertisements, make changes in the productions, and talk to customers directly.

Data analytics process and collect data. They have been around since such collection and processing became available. Companies use this data to create advertisements, communicate with customers and make needed changes.

Serving the Individual Player

Right now in 2018, the custom-made experience is more popular than ever. Many companies are scrambling to do their best to provide it and casinos are no exception. When it comes to gambling companies, giants such as 888 Casino have the advantage of being ahead when it comes to staying ahead. Even brick-and-mortar casinos are using data analytics now but can’t currently keep the pace of those in technological devices.

However, one thing users should be aware of is that data analytics also collect personal information. This is mostly so the casinos will have a good idea as to, for example, what age ranges tend to favor what games. Most of them are also designed to sense to location. This is to give the casinos an idea of what games are favored where.

Personalized experience is the ultimate common goal of data analytics. They are striving to take the bulk of the manual work off of the customers and anticipate their needs similar to a fancy restaurant’s familiarity with their regular customers. Even advertisements are becoming more personalized now. They are striving not to even cater similarities to like groups of people anymore. They want to know what the individual customer wants.

Once they do, they are like the conscientious waiter who refills a customer’s glass before the customer even notices that it’s empty. IoT is what is currently making it possible for companies, such as casinos, to do that. The custom-made experience is growing so rapidly that it no longer seems unreal.

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