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National Lottery Games face scrutiny in the United Kingdom. The UK government has entered into consultations in regards to restricting players based on age. The intention of the consultation involves building a case to bar those under the age of 18 from participating in the lottery games. Anyone opting to make a prediction probably assumes the age restrictions go through. No one can say with total certainty the change happens, but the odds seem to tilt in the change's favor. The reason for this is certain elements within the UK government remain hostile towards gambling.

The Vulnerable Argument of Age Limit for UK Lottery

“Vulnerable persons” refers to those at the greatest risk of developing a gambling problem. In truth, it becomes difficult to argue against the ban of people under the age of 18 from playing lotteries. Younger persons lack the life experience to make the best decisions in life. A young person doesn't always fully grasp financial responsibilities ether. Such observations can be weighed when pondering an increase in the age limit for lotteries.

A National Examination

Culture Minister Tracey Crouch has initiated the process of reviewing the impact of National Lottery playing on persons under the age of 18. Fears long persisted that access to the lottery would lead to younger persons gravitating towards other ways to wager. Some may suggest that lotteries, while still gambling, are removed from the culture of horse racing, poker, and casino wagering. Therefore, lotteries don't necessarily chart a path of progression to other types of gambling. Also, to take part in legalized gambling activities in the United Kingdom, a player cannot be under 18.

Attitudes towards gambling among lottery players might not exactly be consistent. Some lottery players may become total gambling enthusiasts. Other lottery players never move on and try other games. They just stick with buying lottery tickets. Different people react to the thrill of playing National Lottery games differently. This can be true regardless of age.

Changes to the Age Limit

The current status of raising the age limit is, essentially, limited to review and study. Changes to the current age limits won't change in 2018. Likely, the earliest an increase in the age limit can take place seems to be 2023. This is the year a new National UK Lottery license would be required. At this point, revisions to the age limit may be put into effect. Prior to 2023, don't look for any changes. A PR campaign against under-18 lottery playing could take place though.

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