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Live table gaming is coming to the city of Toronto. Woodbine Casino, one of One Toronto Gaming's three major brick and mortar gambling houses, just successfully garnered permits to launch live gaming for their virtual fare. The permits grant the City's approval for the casino to expand its services to accommodate 50 “live dealer” tables. The games featured will be a collection of traditional favorites ranging from roulette, poker, and blackjack to baccarat. The move is expected to lure in a wave of online casino site gamers, as well as create about a hundred new jobs for Toronto residents.

Rod Baker, OTG's acting CEO, hailed the development as a boon to both the casino's profits as well as the economy. In a recent statement, he declared that the tables would open up at least 400 new jobs, with another 300 forthcoming at the end of 2018. The tables are part of a much larger development scheme for the casino. OTG and its shareholders are pulling out a variety of stops to increase the casino's saturation both physically and digitally.

Online Casinos and Live Dealers

Live table gaming is a new innovation in the world of online gambling. The feature allows virtual players to join streamed session with other virtual players. The benefit is that instead of a computer system random generating results, a real dealer manages the game in real time. This is accomplished by placing the dealer in a studio surrounded by screens that display chat messages. This allows for real-time interaction akin to what players would experience in a live game. Online gaming has always enjoyed a wealth of popularity from its virtual slots. The addition of live tables was created by a desire to enhance the virtual table experience altogether. Live tables create a more authentic land-based experience.

The installation of the live tables is one part of a series of upgrades Woodbine is receiving. One Toronto Gaming is planning a lot of expansions to the long-standing institution. The Toronto-based casino has also received stadium-style games as well as around 200 electric tables for its land-based operations. It has prospected that 50 more live tables will arrive soon, as well as over 300 additional slot machines. All of this is an effort to increase the casino's circulation not only physically but virtually as well.

About Woodbine Casino

Woodbine is one of many traditional casinos across the world taking advantage of online markets, which traditional land casinos are in an ongoing competition with. The institution of live tables is the first of many tactics to pull in a wider audience. The live tables allow casinos like Woodbine to take part in virtual gaming and get a piece of the digital pie as well.

Woodbine Casino began its tenure back in 1950. Starting as a racetrack the institution grew into a casino back in 2015. The transition instigated by the popularity of slots Woodbine installed in its popular racetracks. Since acquiring permits for a land-based casino Woodbine has grown into a popular venture for many Toronto-based gamers. Its foray into virtual waters is another step in accepting the future.

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