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Online gambling has become unquestionably popular over recent years. Since its first introduction in 1994, and poker being introduced two years later, thousands of gambling sites are beginning to emerge every day. Unlike mobile gaming, live dealer casino sites are not as favorable in the industry. Although not as popular, it does have its base of loyal customers.

Live dealer casinos are for those who prefer the feel of a live person handling the cards and roulette wheel while still enjoying the comfort of their own homes. Players are able to live stream the video of the dealer and game tables via the Internet. You place your bet by selecting the number of chips you're willing to wager. You're dealt your cards and the live dealer deals their hand. If you win the dealer applies your earnings to your account.

Only the most popular casino games that require a dealer are offered with live dealers. Games such as blackjack and roulette are prime examples- blackjack being the most popular. Even though most games play as it does in the brick-and-mortar setting, a downfall is that it may be a bit slower because all players and the dealer must wait until everyone has decided on what to do with their hand.

Roulette is offered in double zero and single zero wheels- with the zero wheels being the most used. Gamblers place their bets and make their choices by clicking on the area of the wheel they want to bet on. Bets are then paid out as the next round begins. Baccarat is amongst the popular games live dealer casinos offer because the majority of the gameplay is done by the dealer.

There are games that aren't offered by many live dealer casinos such as 3 card poker and sic bo. These games are popular in the online gaming market however, it may prove difficult to find many live dealer options.

The top companies offering live dealer casino software are Global Gaming Labs, Microgaming, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming. For those who look to utilize software in the United States, the Global Gaming Labs company is currently the only one available. The most well-known live dealer casino software company is Evolution Gaming.

Players in Europe are able to play on their tablets, smartphones, and desktops/laptops and can chat with the dealer in on real time. Playtech, founded in 1999 in Estonia offers live dealer gaming to over 15 countries and 20 jurisdictions. They are one of the leaders in London. Microgaming, which was once offered in the U. S. is still popular in other parts of the world. Keep in mind that these aren't gambling sites but software companies.

For players who are looking to enjoy a game of if baccarat, poker, or roulette, with a human touch but don't have the time or ability to get to a casino, live dealer casinos are the solution.

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