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Autumn is drawing near and some of the best online casinos in the industry will naturally have fitting slots to play. The season is a great time for relaxing indoors and taking advantage of the latest casino bonuses. Instead of sifting through thousands of games, players can instead check out the top online slots with an autumn theme. Here are five slots that will make the change of seasons a rewarding opportunity.

Seasons Online Slot Game

The name of this online slot should clue players in to the game’s theme. Although Seasons includes every time of the year, it features autumnal visuals and relaxing elements to give the player an enjoyable experience. The Seasons online slot is a title from smaller developer Yggdrasil Gaming and is a five-reel game. This slot has 20 paylines and rolls through different special features depending on what season is represented. Seasons contains a wild symbol bonus that acts as a multiplier for eligible payouts. Players have the opportunity to win as much as 1,000 times the original bet through the game’s perks.

Autumn Queen

With a theme that somehow steers clear of Halloween, the Autumn Queen online slot is ideal for players who want to bring in fall. The game has five reels and 40 paylines, but it really shines in the visual presentation of its theme. The entire season is personified as a beautiful woman who plays a role in the symbols that the slot uses. As far as slots go, the game is fairly straightforward. Players have access to special features that are common and easy to understand. A unique bonus game that is the focal point of the Autumn Queen online slot allows the player to earn boosted payouts.

Lost Vegas

Speaking of Halloween… some casino games are designed to get players in the mood for the holiday. The Lost Vegas slot fulfills the player’s need for autumn and Halloween by focusing on a scary and suspenseful theme that is presented in a light-hearted manner. As a zombie survival horror game, Lost Vegas lets players choose between the walking dead or the survivors trying to outlast the apocalypse. The game features classic bonuses like free spins and wilds, but also offers special games that showcase its theme. This online slot is a product of Microgaming and is a great choice for enjoying autumn.

Bloodsuckers II Online Slots

Bloodsuckers II is, of course, a sequel to the popular NetEnt online slot of the same name. The game deals with vampires and is a great fit into autumn activities and Halloween. NetEnt does a good job at offering cutting-edge in its titles, and Bloodsuckers II is no exception. Aside from the standard fare of features, the game holds a special hidden treasure bonus that lets the player attempt to cash out before falling victim to vampires. The winning payouts that the player can earn may be up to 1,298 times the initial bet. The Bloodsuckers II online slot will undoubtedly provide seasonal entertainment, but it’s good enough to play at any time of the year.

Halloween Jack

The Halloween Jack online slot has not yet been released. However, this new NetEnt game is scheduled to come out at online casinos on October 24th. In time for Halloween, the online slot will feature the opportunity to win up to 1000 times on a bet as a multiplier. Players who are interested in trying out this game will be able to find it as a free spins demo immediately upon its release.

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