Regular Slots And Progressive Jackpot Slots In Casinos

It is a major dilemma for casino players to choose between jackpot slots and regular slots. There are many factors that come into play and totally depends on the desires of the player. First of all, one should have a clear understanding of the two slots.

Regular slots also referred to as non-progressive jackpot slots have their winning amounts fixed meaning, that their top prize is the same amount irrespective of the number of times it has been won. These fixed priced jackpots are lower in value when compared to the progressive jackpot slots. For example, if a regular slot has a jackpot of 100x of the wager paid by the player, it is impossible to win an amount more than the 100x amount.

On the other hand, jackpot slots are considered to be progressive in nature and are very different from the regular slots. The jackpot prize is a variable and builds up in size every time a player deposits a wager. It could end up being in millions at a time. After a jackpot is won, the system resets to the default level and the jackpot amount builds up with time with the help of wagers from the players.

Another interesting thing about jackpot slots is that they can be run on a network. It means that if several casinos online have the same jackpot slot, the same accumulated jackpot is available across the casinos. So when a jackpot slot is working on a network, it is not necessary that the top prize has to be won from a particular casino.

Winning a jackpot on a regular slot is far easier than progressive slots as the trigger mechanism of the games in a regular slot is pretty much the same. Considering the RTP rates can help a player estimate his chances of winning a jackpot which is obviously fixed in the case of a regular slot. In such slots, one can easily win the jackpot by lining up 5 jackpot triggering symbols on the payline.

Whereas progressive jackpots are difficult to crack as the triggering mechanism is different for different games. The triggering mechanism can require the player to land 5 symbols on a specific line, spinning a bonus wheel or challenge the player to beat a game. Since they cannot be easily predicted, they are not won very often. Though progressive slots offer millions of dollars but are difficult to win. Whereas a player trying out regular slots have a very high chance of winning the fixed jackpot.

So, in order to decide the type of slot to go for, one can adopt a simple strategy that is followed by millions of players across the globe. At the time, when a progressive slot is worth millions of dollars, it is suggested to give a go at it. If the huge jackpot has been won, then one should wait till it refills to a high value again and in the meanwhile can try their luck with the regular slots.

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