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Online casinos provide players with innovative technology and features that have made the industry blossom in recent years. This may inspire some players to wonder what online casinos 2017 and onward will have in store. The online casino market still has seemingly unlimited room to grow, but must stay relevant and modern to be successful. Though there is speculation everywhere in related media, it safe to say a few of the trending factors will become a reality in the online casinos of the near future.

Bitcoin Banking

Most top rated online casinos offer a variety of banking options. Most casinos operate and are allowed in numerous countries, so the regions from which players come are diverse regarding currency used. Typically, the player can make deposits and receive withdrawals using a credit card, debit card, or e-wallet. Now, more and more online casinos have started to accept Bitcoin as a valid form of payment. Bitcoin has grown immensely in value over just a few years, as its many uses have made it widely sought after in the online marketplace. As a player, using Bitcoin means that no conversion of currency is required. Bitcoin itself is universal and can be a useful source for payments on a global scale. As a digital currency, it is also completely anonymous and leaves no footprint, as well as being incredibly resistant against theft. Online casino players can expect to see Bitcoin banking become much more typical in the coming years.

Virtual Reality Gameplay

Although still in a very early stage related to online casinos, the use of virtual reality is becoming a more mainstream form of entertainment. In fact, the overall revenue created from virtual reality devices is expected to grow over 3,000% by the year 2018. It is questionable how practical this form of technology will be in a casino setting, but some sites have already started to embrace it. SlotsMillion online casino has already begun to delve into unknown territory, officially referring to itself as “the first real money VR casino” and experimenting with advanced casino gaming. The main issue right now is the player’s expenses related to buying an actual VR headset to experience these games. However, when the devices become more affordable and practical, players can expect to see more VR online casinos popping up.

Market Expansion

A decade ago, the gambling market in Europe was almost entirely controlled by each country’s respective government. Only a few years later, many countries started shifting to a regulated model where private online casinos could operate with a license. The gambling climate has still evolved even more to the present time, where virtually every country has a regulated model, and some regions even have open market freedom. The factor that has driven change is the monetary gain that is possible when the government limits its interference with gambling sites. Online casinos provide far better content than state-run alternatives, and government agencies are starting to see the benefit in relaxing the laws and simply sticking to regulation. As the holdout nations watch the evidence supporting regulated online casinos pile up, players will undoubtedly see the market expand into more global territories.

Advertising Campaigns

As the online casino market grows, so does the need for letting players know about the newest sites and this is why the online casino player can expect to see more aggressive campaigning related to casinos and the latest features they offer. There has been a slew of recent televisions ads geared towards this purpose, but they have been met with resistance. StarWins casino recently launched an advertisement for TV in the United Kingdom, but the commercial was quickly banned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority. Television is not the only medium for advertising though. The younger demographics of players will start to see more ads for online casinos on YouTube and other video sites, as the regulations on this content are much more lenient and a perfect option for a casino to reach its prospective members.

YouTube and Streaming

Expanding on the previous topic, YouTube has become one of the most successful video hosting sites in the world, if not THE most successful. Almost any content imaginable can be found by searching for a topic and generating related results. This proves to be an ideal platform for online casinos to show the various features of the site. With YouTube, an online casino can create a “preview” of its content and give players an idea of what they will see. At the same time, players are free to review and discuss each online casino based on its pros and cons. This platform promotes player advocacy and helps online casinos to improve in the right areas. Streaming services like Twitch will also come into play. Broadcasters can offer streams of casino gameplay in real time, as well as offering tips and strategies for playing casino games. Future online casinos will have their content promoted on these platforms, generating positive results for the casino and the players.

Social Media Integration

The online casino of the future may not just have its page on social media, but also be able to customize a player’s experience based on their account. When visiting social media sites, players can find numerous pages designed for online casinos to promote their content and send out updates to every player who has signed up. However, the future online casino would be able to take a player’s given information and instantly create an account with accompanying features. These would be based on the player’s location, interests, playing habits, and more. Casinos may also start giving out referral bonuses when a player gets a friend to sign up through the social media platform. There are still a lot of unknown quantities that would need to be hashed out, but there is untapped potential for online casinos interacting with social media. A mutual partnership between online casinos and social media will undoubtedly become a part of the industry in the coming years.

Looking to the Future

Online casinos and technology are inseparable. With technology advancing at a blistering pace, the casinos that players know are obligated to keep up to remain relevant. Fortunately, the size of the online gambling industry means that revenue is guaranteed to fund the development of new features, more advanced games, and a better connection with players. Nothing is set in stone yet, but the early progress with new ideas points toward future online casinos becoming better than ever.

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