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Since the Supreme Court in the United States has overturned a 26-year-old bill outlawing sports betting, the opportunity is available for companies to enter the market. The decision can now be made on the state level regarding whether sports betting should be a legal pastime for residents. Approximately 30 states in the country have some form of gambling, usually in the form of a state lottery. Fewer have online casinos and land-based casinos, but the introduction of sports betting may change the landscape. If the United States wants to benefit from the landmark decision, it will need to find a successful market model to replicate. Fortunately, there is one across the pond in the United Kingdom.

US Online Sports – What Will Happen?

The UK has betting shops that are hard to miss. These venues are in nearly every community and offer a more relaxed atmosphere than casinos. Bettors who attend sporting events at local stadiums can often bet within the stadium as the event unfolds. The stadiums that house sports also have many advertisements from sports betting companies on the inside and outside. Betting operators pay large sums of money to be advertised, but the practice is completely legal and regulated in the region. Companies focus on residents who have disposable income and are usually in the middle class from an economic perspective.

Betting shops are often seen as the “gathering spot” for friends in the UK. Much like a pub or bar, the betting shop is a place where individuals will meet up and hang out. Free tea is given out at many betting shops and the environment is friendly. Many times, the people on staff at each betting shop are known throughout the community. All of these factors add a prominent social aspect to the venues, as many UK residents meet and relax together without the presence of alcohol.

UK sports have an impressive track record in terms of being free from scandalous activity. Sports betting in the region was officially made legal in 1961, and no reports of match fixing have emerged since that time. A possible reason for the legitimacy of every match is that sports betting offers a massive contribution to players’ income. The temptation to make money outside of legal boundaries was removed and events in the UK have greatly benefited. Professional athletes in the United States make astronomical salaries, so the future of the reputation around sports is somewhat of an unknown quantity.

Even though sports betting has a clean history in the United Kingdom, the government is still proactive in monitoring activities. The UK Gambling Commission holds a lot of sway in sports betting matters and is considered one of the most respected regulators in the world. Betting and online gambling bring in large amounts of revenue from taxes, which then funds the positions held by those in the regulatory agencies. Legalizing and regulating sports betting in the United State will be much more complex. There is plenty of division among party lines about gambling and each state must decide the outcome on its own.

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